© 2006 J.B. van der Burgh

SVNRevMailer is a simple tool that sends e-mail reports containing the changes in a subversion repository.

This tool doesn't use subversion hooks (I didn't need an e-mail for every commit),
but instead it needs to be scheduled.

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27-10-2007 v1.04.025
31-08-2007 v1.04.022
20-02-2007 v1.04.015
19-02-2007 v1.04 * (note: due to changes in the build process some library names have changed. If you are upgrading, it is recommended to at least remove all .jar files of previous releases in the lib directory)
16-04-2006 v1.03
04-04-2006 v1.02.005
29-03-2006 v1.02
23-03-2006 v1.01.017
22-03-2006 v1.01.012
20-03-2006 v1.01
18-03-2006 v1.00.034

You can view/report bugs on Mantis.

Recent changes:
v1.04.025 Fixed launch script to support directory/files with spaces
v1.04.022 Allow users to put the repository description in the footer of the e-mail messages.
v1.04.015 Added SSL support to the SMTP classes, this allows you to use the gmail smtp server.
v1.04 Fixed bug #16 and #17
v1.03 Added missing date header to the send e-mails. To allow mail clients like mozilla thunderbird to correctly display the date of the message.
v1.02.005 Fixed: Sometimes duplicate attributes were added to the config file, causing the xml parser to crash.
v1.02 Do not update the revisionnumber in the config when the smtp server is unreachable.
v1.01.012 Don't e-mail if the revision number has changed but the changes are not visible for the user.